A high performance, commercial, instrument, multi-engine pilot with over 45 years & 30,000 hours of pilot. in command experience and more than 50 years of broadcast experience.


  • The recipient of “The Mayor’s Achievement Merit Award” for “Outstanding Achievements” and on-going service to the community.
  • Named one of the top three traffic reporters in the country by numerous independent research, media and news organizations.
  • “Pete Michaels” is the name most people know and depend on for East Tennessee’s most dependable and accurate traffic information.
  • Other news and traffic reporters have listened to Pete Michaels to find out what’s REALLY GOING ON! INFORMED ABOUT TRAFFIC:


The ONLY East Tennessee media personality to have direct radio communications with all East Tennessee law enforcement agencies under the police call signs “Air Watch” and “SkyWatch.”

Pete is Knoxville’s ONLY traffic reporting pilot, flying his own 200 mile per hour turbo aircraft “AirWatch.” He flies higher and faster… using his own aircraft to cover traffic, road and construction problems.

Along with ground spotters and cellular communications, we gather information on all main and secondary rush hour routes.

Our Team

Knoxville SkyWatch Traffic Operations

As well as providing Knoxville’s ONLY Airborne Reports, our traffic operation centers are staffed by experienced operators who understand Knoxville Traffic and who can interpret the minute to minute changes in traffic flow. We use the most advanced technology available for monitoring emergency communications and multiple camera networks.

Knoxville SkyWatch aircraft are equipped to provide “LIVE” television video and a direct emergency link with all emergency agencies under the call SKYWATCH.

In addition the all of the above, our ground reporters actually drive the Knoxville interstates, main arteries and access roads.

Major Television Stations

AirTraffic.com provides real time road and traffic information to the largest TV outlets in Knoxville.