Press Release - Nov. 17, 2021

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., November 17, 2021 - Pete Michaels, President and CEO of Pete Michaels Traffic/Metro SkyWatch, announced today a comprehensive plan for major expansion of services across Tennessee. "The expansion of Pete Michaels Traffic (PMT) network will increase our listener reach in East Tennessee and take us statewide in conjunction with On-Time-Traffic (OTT) network providing valuable, real-time traffic reports and a powerful marketing tool. "This provides a unique advertising opportunity for a sponsor’s message to be heard on more than 150 radio stations with one buy.

Along with statewide coverage, Pete Michaels Traffic will continue to provide Knoxville with traffic reports that actually originate here locally. Pete also revealed a plan for a six-figure investment in high tech updates to his proprietary, first in the nation, airborne video technology including new 8K gyro cams.

“This new expanded horizon motivates me to look toward an exciting future for our advertisers and our listeners,” said owner Pete Michaels.

Pete Michaels is a 52-year broadcast veteran and commercial pilot with over 31,000 hours of flight time. After 45 years of reporting traffic and news in Knoxville, Pete says, "retirement is not in my vocabulary."

Branded as “Pilot’s Pilot” for over 40 years, Pete stated that, "I cannot adequately express my appreciation to the Haslam family, Dan Fleming and the whole team at Pilot Oil for four wonderful decades of unique and innovative marketing opportunities.” The future of the “Pete Michaels Pilots Pilot” brand holds exciting possibilities.

Pete commented that his 36-year association with WVLT-TV has been “very rewarding.”

Watch for an announcement soon regarding Pete’s implementation of new, enhanced “LIVE” airborne news and traffic video for Knoxville media and residents.